Training Workshops

A Training Workshop in action Fun with a flip chart! A Training Workshop

Telephone Skills

Face to face communication skills

Team Leader and Management Skills

Some ideas we use

Key features of all workshops include:

Our approach

All workshops are totally delegate focused, practical and highly interactive to include group exercises and syndicate work. The overall emphasis is on learning in a fun, stimulating and "safe" environment.

We're passionate about what we do; believing that first class training provides the motivational climate for increasing the chances of success. We know that people work harder and smarter when the mind is stimulated and that increased morale, commitment and productivity is enjoyed as a result.

Although we avoid "labels" we are huge believers in Accelerated Learning.

Personal Development Tools

Trained to give in depth feedback on PSL psychometric reports RPQ 1 and RPQ2

Also comfortable with various "behaviour style" questionnaires and interpretation including:

A.P.T.R. Learning styles
MBTI Behaviour styles

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"You have given me so much confidence."

Telephone Team Member

"I've learned so much this week - now I know I can do it."

Telephone-based Appointment booker

"You taught me so much in such a small time frame."

Call Manager

"You have inspired me - after my first week back at work I can already hear myself using the techniques to great effect on the phone!"

Customer Service Representative

"Inspiring, unforgettable,simply excellent 3 days."

Account Manager

"I feel as if I've learned a great deal in such a short period of time!"

Nikki - Telephone Appointment Booker 1997 - Northern Area Sales Director 2002

"I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together and have leaned such a lot. I have never met anyone with such enthusiasm and drive!"

Team Coach

"Thank you for all of your guidance and support - I really feel as though I'm turning a corner and "finding my feet"."

Customer Service Team Manager ( Coaching client)