We specialise in the provision of tailor-made Training Workshops, Consultancy and Coaching to develop people, increase their confidence and improve their performance.


All training is specially designed for to client companies to address their own individual requirements - to accomplish this a Training Needs Audit is recommended to give all training a focused approach.

Workshops designed and delivered for clients have included:

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We offer expertise and support across a range of areas where we have experience and a proven track record. Our objective and pragmatic approach has helped our clients with:


Post workshop

People will naturally slip back into old habits no matter how good their training is. We recognise this and work with you to ensure that the new skills, techniques and attitudes remain.

Follow up coaching sessions usually within a week of training and a month later ensure that application of skills and motivation levels remain high.

This  coaching allows recognition of good behaviours, encourages delegates to continue their improved performance and gives individual coaching on areas that the delegate still needs support with.

Individual Coaching support

Sometimes individuals simply need to improve their performance within their job role. Whether it is team, task or individuals who are causing the most challenges, coaching support can be invaluable.

We have worked with great results across a variety of job roles and industries – Team Leader to HR Director – Finance to Pharmaceuticals.


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"First class training provides the motivational climate for increasing the chances of success."

"We know that people work harder and smarter when the mind is stimulated and that increased morale, commitment and productivity is enjoyed as a result."

"An on-going, structured training programme will build confidence in your staff and the effect on business performance can be staggering!"

Maggie Colman

What our clients are saying

"Things are going great guns here - there is a definite change in the air - a real buzz and positive vibe and it's down to you - you have really succeeded in raising their game - staff and supervisors alike. Its fantastic to hear staff using positive phrasing and trying new ways of engaging and building rapport and gathering feedback."

Customer Service Project Manager

"Once again, thanks for being here and being you.....!!! You certainly make a difference."

Head of Customer Relationship Centre