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We are passionate about what we do and this enables us to look at each project with enthusiasm and energy, and with a genuine belief that we can make a positive contribution to the successful development of the client's business.

Maggie Colman Mulberry was founded by Maggie Colman in 1993

Maggie is a highly experienced and successful Trainer, Consultant and Coach and offers over 25 years’ experience in the Tele-business and Contact Centre sectors. Her specific areas of expertise are Customer Service, Sales and Leadership and she has built a formidable reputation for the quality and success of her work and the powerful results achieved.

Applying this experience in her consulting and training role, Maggie enables organisations to increase sales, provide award-winning customer service and reduce customer and staff churn in both existing and new teams.

Maggie’s high profile as a leader in the field is reflected in her role as judge of both National Sales and Customer Service awards.

Previous Experience

Maggie's career began with a place on the graduate training scheme of a major high street retailer working up to Personnel Manager positions within a variety of stores.

Working in a very different business sector came next – setting up and managing the direct marketing contact centre for the Consumer and Service and Industrial Divisions of Kimberly Clark. Her involvement with every aspect of these set ups, from inbound and outbound call handling and operational implementation through to day to day management, support and training of her teams, proved more than just challenging. Indeed she describes this time as the “solid foundation” on which her flexible and commonsense approach to sales and customer service training is based.

Positions with a leading telephone training and marketing consultancy and a 24 hour 365 days a year direct marketing contact centre added more experience, expertise and resilience!

With this broad range of business experience and a real desire to “make a difference” to the customer experience as well as to people's working day she knew she had the ability to provide commonsense, easily implemented and measurably successful solutions for her clients. Mulberry was formed as a vehicle for delivering these solutions.


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Why Mulberry?

One of the principles on which our business was formed and still operates is that bringing a number of small actions together with purpose can achieve amazing things. Little worms feed on a particular leaf - the mulberry leaf - and produce one of the most exquisite and versatile natural materials known to man - silk.